About me

I’m a life-long West Kootenay resident with deep roots in Trail. My great-grandfather immigrated to Trail from Slovakia just before WWI and my great-grandmother followed him after the war. My grandmother, Mila Richards (née Makay) grew up in Trail and my grandfather, George Richards, worked for IBM servicing the computers at Cominco. My father, Greg Richards, worked as a metallurgist at Teck for 25 years. I have lived in Trail since 2019. My childhood activities included figure skating, skiing and playing soccer.

After high school, I attended Selkirk College, then went to the University of Calgary to complete my degree in economics and sociology. Later I studied political science at Queen’s University in Ontario. I bring my education to my work in regional economic development here in Trail. My position gives me a current understanding of the city’s resources and how these can be leveraged. 

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Why I’m running for council

I love Trail and I see its potential to overcome the current challenges we are facing. I’m prepared to make a positive impact using my experience and expertise to be an effective team member on city council. I have time, energy, and spirit to dedicate to the challenging and complex work of being a city councillor. I’m excited for this opportunity to give back to the community where I make my home which has been an important place in my family history!

By entrusting me to represent you on city council, you can expect:
  1. Commitment – I’m dedicated and hard working, I strive my best to reach realistic goals.
  2. Inclusivity– I always work to bring people and groups together, for the benefit of all.
  3. Forward thinking – I’m not afraid to advocate for the changes we must make to ensure our community is socially and economically prosperous.

My Priorities:

  • Local government must provide many services to city residents and deliver these services effectively. I will work to ensure that the citizens of Trail get the best value for the services they pay for! I will prioritise high-quality services that make our lives and our city better.
  • I believe city council must be a team where everyone’s voice is heard in making the best decisions for the city. Respect and cooperation are the values I will bring to each decision.
  • Working with other communities whenever possible is in our city’s best interest. This helps us share costs and create more amenities for the whole area to enjoy. When the region thrives, Trail benefits!
  • Residents deserve openness in municipal affairs and consistent engagement from City Hall. I will strongly advocate for a new relationship between city hall and our citizens with better communication in both directions.

My Platform:

  • High-quality Services for Everyone
    • As residents and taxpayers, we all deserve to benefit from the valuable services the city provides.
      • Mundane but essential things such as: water, sewer, road maintenance, snow clearing, by-law enforcement, the library, parks & rec, public transit, and many more.
    • I am committed to making sure all residents enjoy year-round high-quality services!
  • More Active Transportation!
    • We’re lucky to live in a city with a central downtown but we can make our city even better by making it safer to walk, bike, ride around our community.
    • I will see the city act to make the active transportation plan (currently in the works) a reality. If implemented, Trail could have amenities like:
      • Secure bike storage in downtown & East Trail
      • Safer biking/walking/riding routes
      • Active transportation access to Waneta
  • Increasing the Housing Supply
    • This is a challenging issue for many communities right now and Trail is no exception.
    • I will work with my fellow councillors to explore how we can promote new housing developments – this includes considering the potential of old, disused buildings in the city.
  • Improving Access to Health Care Services
    • The doctor shortage is affecting the whole province and beyond, so what can our city do? Our community needs to attract the upcoming generation of healthcare professionals!
    • I will support new ways of bringing patients and healthcare practitioners together, such as the creation of Community Health Centres.
  • More Public Transit
    • High gas prices mean that public transit is looking like a more affordable option every day… But our public transit system could be more robust and serve more people.
    • I will advocate for improving public transit by allocating more funding for development of new/expanded routes and more frequent service.
  • Economic Development
    • I work in regional economic development at the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corp (usually known as “the LCIC”), so economic development is definitely a priority for me! If you’d like to learn more about what I do, check out lcic.ca and www.metaltechalley.com or contact me (I’m always happy to talk about my work).
    • Economic development is a big topic and the LCIC is one of 3 economic development agencies in our region. We work alongside the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures Greater Trail, both of which provide very important support to local businesses.
  • Building Community through Spaces and Events
    • Where and how we come together as a community is very important for our city to truly thrive!
    • I will prioritize keeping our existing spaces (Gyro, skate park, Memorial Centre) in good condition and the development of new community spaces (such as a dog park!)
    • I will commit to preserving the various events that we enjoy in Trail like Silver City Days, Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers’ Market, Music in the Park, Spooktacular and Trail Pride so that we can enjoy them for years to come and entertain new ideas for community gatherings.

Other important issues I care about (impacts how I make decisions):

  • Climate change action
  • LGBTQ2S+ community ally
  • Accessibility
  • Rights of Indigenous peoples
  • Diverse and equitable representation

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